09 December 2013

New Series - Choosing The best Image

You have to be so alert as a street photographer. This series of images were made not while out specifically to shoot but while on my way to school to fetch my son.

With camera in hand and my mind wandering, I caught sight of this cat sitting on this pebbled wall and our eyes met. It fixed me with that arresting feline stare they do. I was transfixed.

We regarded each other cautiously. As I moved a little closer it took off very quickly. I followed, moving in parallel.

In a situation like this, one photo is never enough. you need to work it some.

No matter the subject, the light, people or animals, the first image is rarely the best. Work it. Linger. Make more photos. If it's not coming, linger longer. Be patient. It'll likely come. If not just cut your loses and move on. But at least you'll have given the situation a chance. That's all you can do. Too many photographers don't.

These were made with a FujiFilm X100 with a wrist strap. This is the first camera I have used with a wrist strap in 25 years of photographing and it's because the strap eyelets failed. In this situation I'm glad it was on my wrist as otherwise, given that I was heading to school, it may not have been so readily available stuck in my kit bag.

I realise that I have gathered quite a lot of cat pictures. I'm beginning to like them on some level. Maybe it's because they skulk around like we street photographers do.

We are comrades of a sort.

I'll be back next week with another example.

Black Cat 12x16" gallery print

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