04 November 2013

Photography day trip to Brighton

All Images © PAUL TREACY (.com) 2013

On Friday I made a trip to Brighton to meet with Martin Snelling to talk photography, social media and to walk the streets and make some photographs. Though the weather was not brilliant, it was a wonderful break from London and domesticity. I've not had 24 hours entirely to myself for a long time and though this was not an overnight trip, it did charge my creative batteries and allow me to focus my mind on the tasks ahead for work.

This young man struck me as perhaps being in a contemplative state, sitting on a small wall on a blustery day by the sea with his can of larger.

Where ever I go I seem to continue to make photographs of dogs and their people. In fact, Martin asked me if there was something I always touched on in my work and I guess dogs and their people is one such subject. It's ever present in my photography.

Caught in no man's land.

Some late evening shopping.

Neither Martin nor I could figure out what this quy was up to with his high tech gear.

Block the whole footpath, why don't you. Actually, it was the briefest of interruptions.

He has his sickle, but where's his costume? Perhaps it's in his back pack.

This is the best shot of the lot. I saw this cat from a long way away and approached it slowly. It paid me little heed. I think it's one for my agency, Millennium Images.

Going back to Martin's question, I think cats are appearing in my work more and more now too. In fact, I may even have enough interesting images to put a little sequence together. Must look into it.

I will shortly be launching my Photohumourist Zine. It'll be an A5, full colour publication in a limited edition. Each issue will be a single subject. I will publish as and when I have a project idea rather than it being a periodical. Each zine will be numbered and signed. This has been an idea brewing for some years now but until recently I had not settled on how I would go about it, whether I would print myself and publish via the likes of Blurb.

More on this very soon.

I wonder if I might do more posts like this one. Whether I should make more day trips to places and blog the pictures? I'll think on it.

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Next up will be another how to article.

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