03 October 2013

Final solution for X100 strap eyelet problem

After so much faffing about with my X100 and it's broken strap eyelets I have settled upon a solution that works well for me.

I have two people to thank for this solution - Bob Rhodes and Mark Liddell. Bob featured Mark on his blog where I saw Mark's X100 with his wrist strap adaptation. When I saw that picture I wanted to reach into the computer screen and pick it up so I immediately set about doing the same thing to my camera.

It was a revelation. I never thought I'd use a wrist strap on a camera, so set in my ways was I. But for street photography, it makes perfect sense. Thank you Bob and Mark.

I will shortly post some of my favourite X100 photos since getting the camera in April 2011. It will be good to see them all in one place and will allow me to take stock, I think.

I always work with this camera in a street photography state of mind but some of the images will have been made in my private life but are very similar to my urban works.

I'll try to post these tomorrow.

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