26 February 2013

From the archive - smashed remote control car - © PAUL TREACY (.com)

I've been sorting through my archive to find fresh material for my agency, Millennium Images and happened upon this shot from 2007. It was around the time that my wife and I were discussing moving back to London after some years in New York City. Though we both love New York and most particularly our neighbours and friends in Inwood, the area of northern Manhattan where we lived, we felt our time there was drawing to a close.

With this in mind I started to explore my immediate neighbourhood more intensely rather than spending time downtown. Though I was excited to be moving back to London, I was also saddened at the prospect of leaving such an amazing place as Inwood. It was an incredible place to live. Amazing parks. Dramatic landscape. Great people from all over the place. Heavily hispanic vibe which meant it was lively all the time with terrific music and street culture.

I made this shot quite late in the evening but still there were youngsters about playing on the streets. These two hispanic chaps were curious as to why I was making a photograph of a broken toy. I showed them the picture and they liked it. They thought it was a cool angle.

I've decided to wind down my Photoshelter account. I was not utilising it enough and struggled to find the time to properly manage it, unfortunately. I may return to Photoshelter at some point but for now it's an unnecessary luxury. Instead I will move more material to my agents to distribute as I have neither the time nor resources to do it myself. As a result of this decision, many of the images posted to this blog over the last few years may disappear, which is a pity. I apologise for the inconvenience.

There have also been some changes to my website and there are more to come. I'm making it simpler and more effective as a straight forward 'folio site. I will add a quick review section to showcase previous assignments and publications and close the Photoshelter links. Hopefully this will all be done by the end of February.

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back soon with more musings on some of my favourite photos and plans for 2013.

- Paul.

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