06 January 2013

Sydenham Squared, a handmade book

This is the tiny Sydenham Squared book I made. I had the 4x4" prints made at my local lab. It was all very straight forward as they had a setting for medium format 4x4 and so all the prints were cut exactly right. The last time I made an accordion book like this I had to cut each page myself.

I will prepare a full tutorial on the process very soon as I prepare a new portfolio for 2013 but this will be bigger as it'll be constructed from 5x7" prints to be printed at Metro. The double page spreads will therefore be more like 10x7" prints.

At one point I was getting frustrated at not getting into central London more often to make my street photography work but I soon realised that I already had lots of material from right here in my local community made while going about my daily routine of walking to and from school with my sons, getting the shopping and otherwise walking about the place for whatever reason. But I wasn't paying much attention to the images. Then a local designer asked me to consider submitting square images for a mural project and almost immediately I knew what I would do.

So rather than get upset at my not getting into the city centre, I began to work with the collection of street photography images I had been making all the while. And I will continue this work as long as I live here. Perhaps I'll make newer versions of this book on a regular basis as my collection expands. Who knows.

In the mean time, here are some more pages from the book.

My next post will be about a short commissioned film I made using still and motion photography and shot entirely with the FujiFilm X100 camera with help from an audio recorder. See you then. - Paul


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