25 October 2012

Sydenham Squared

I've been posting photos over at Tumblr recently on a project called Sydenham Squared.

These are all photos made in my community here in south east London over the last several years. I used to have a blog called SydenhamShots where I posted material shot locally but it fizzled out as I had no idea where it was going and the audience was tiny. However, a designer that lives here who is involved in an urban re-generation project contacted me hoping that I would be interested in contributing square format photos for a mural. This immediately gave me a peg for my Sydenham material.

So after supplying some images I started the Tumblr blog to post images as I go along and to feature re-formatted archive photos.

The plan now is to exhibit the material locally soon. I will also make a small number of signed books for local collectors and may consider publishing a Blurb book or perhaps get pages printed by a local lithographer that I can bind myself. Decisions remain to be made on this.

For the time being, here are a few images to whet the appetite. More can be seen at SYDENHAM SQUARED.

Thank you for your time.


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