17 September 2012


I've been doing other things for a while and so not been blogging or tweeting much, nor have I done much with my website. As of today I expect to settle back into my photography groove.

It has been a very busy summer. We moved house just as the kids broke from school then we headed off to Pembrokeshire camping for a few days, spending the last night in the car before crossing to Ireland for a couple of weeks. This included two nights in Dublin.

When we got back I began a very intense week training to be a swim instructor. The second part of my training will take place late in November assuming I can secure some teaching experience in the interim.

This is all in an effort to add to my freelance skills portfolio and to have a teaching qualification that I can use beyond swimming, photography workshops for example.

I was a river lifeguard back in the 80's and a very keen swimmer. I also worked with youngsters, some of whom had disabilities. While in Ireland visiting my family I happened upon one of the disabled people I used to teach. We were enjoying a family swim when my brother pointed him out to me. Apparently he swims everyday day. When we got out I watched him for a while and he was doing exactly what I had taught him all those years ago. It was an incredible feeling watching him and it re-enforced my commitment to doing this level 1 teaching course. I had a lovely chat with him later and he remembered me from all those years ago.

The course was out in Mitchum and was lead by Jo Calvino, a weight lifter and record holder but also diver, swimmer and gifted teacher and trainer.

It was a very intense week. So much so that on Saturday I was rendered utterly useless and spaced out for several hours. I just could not get a hold on myself. But I got back on track in time for my son's birthday party on Sunday (yesterday).

The picture above was made as I walked through Crystal Palace Park on my way home from the station mid way through the course.

Over the coming weeks I will be making changes to my online activities. First up will be a new website which will incorporate Metroprint's new print sales API. I will also be re-publishing all of my previous books, both in print and as ebooks. I will move most of my archive to Alamy and use my website for premium content only, some of which will be licensable from Millennium Images using search term z338.

So there you have it. Back in the photo groove. Please do come back soon. For the time being, this blog will be my main port of call.

Thank you for your time.
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