05 September 2011


Gearing up for big changes to my online activities. Photohumourist.com no longer points to my Blurb book but instead now points again to this blog.

As I plan to move my book publishing ambitions to the iBookstore, having just recently been greenlighted by Apple, I will soon begin writing about the ebook creation process. I will chart my failures and successes as I work through the various programs I use to eventually arrive at a completed ePub eBook and chart in detail the journey from concept through to the ebook's eventual arrival in the iBookstore.

I will also blog about my filmmaking activities and post both short clips of works in progress and completed pieces. I will chart my progress as I explore shooting footage for stock.

All the while, of course, I will be posting my street photography which is what I'm all about as a photographer.

So please check back soon as I get a handle on things. First up is a house move next week just after the boys return to school. Once that's taken care of, I'll get stuck in.

'Till then,

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