10 February 2011

Recent Street Photography and Future Blogging Plans

I've been thinking seriously about my blog over the winter. Haven't posted only because I've been dissatisfied with it recently. It lacks direction and purpose.

From March through June I will blog about the new FujiFilm X100 camera that I hope to purchase as soon as it becomes available. I will write about my impressions of the camera and most importantly, I will post lots and lots of pictures made with it. And perhaps some video too but I plan to get the Panasonic GH2 for my pro filmmaking work.

I had planned on getting a Leica M9 and starting a dedicated blog but I cannot justify the expense of this camera to myself or my family. But then, along came the announcement of the astonishingly exciting Fuji. It's what I've been waiting for since my Konica Hexar fixed lens camera from years ago.

Here are some pictures I made recently.

Wheelchairs, blonde and a handstand along the Southbank.

Photo pants in Trafalgar Square.

Woman with rock, or something and a haloed dog.

Interrupting a photo moment.

Waiting for a dude to light his pipe.

Three dudes under fedoras. Well, I think they're fedoras. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Dude in a blue dress, for some reason, in Charing Cross Station.

Demonstrating against Iranian regime in Trafalgar Square.

Back soon.
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