02 December 2010

On The Bus Again

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Back on the bus. I wonder where all these bus images will lead? Perhaps a small limited print run book would be fun to do at some point.

Sometimes I find these red buses to be strangely hypnotic, particularly after dark. And on bright sunny days as the reflections are great fun to get lost in. Mirrored streets rendered like some weird parallel universe.

Had a stroke of luck last evening which might get me a step closer to my dream of a Leica M9. It's not the Leica brand I'm after, rather it's the tool that Leica happen to make. The large sensor. The durability. The simplicity of purpose. The elegant design. The smallness. And frankly the fact that it'll likely see me to my grave for I'm quite certain it'll see me out.

The only camera that would put me off buying the M9 would be a new digital Hexar should Sony ever decide to resurrect it now that they have enveloped Konica's camera operations.

I miss my old Hexar. 'Twas a stunning camera. The fixed 35mm f2 lens was a real gem. Held its own alongside the 35 Summicron f2 as far as I'm concerned.

Alas I went digital and stopped using it.

Tonight I'm screening at the ASA COLLECTIVE Slide Show, 7:30 at Cafe B, Cable Street Studios, London E1.

Tonight's lineup includes;
Arnau Oriol- Lamb Lane - A Church in Hackney
Carlos Albala- Outskirts
Jenna Selby- Girls On Board
Jim Naughten- Re enactors
Kim Haughton- Shadowlands
Paolo Woods- Walk On My Eyes
Paul Treacy- Flying Space Hoppers
Poulomi Basu- In Between Your Eyes
Rian Dundon- Between Love and Duty

Okay, that's it for now but for a reminder of my new book,
The Photohumourist - Mixed Messages

Thank you for reading.
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