16 November 2010

Street Photography: Thames Festival

I showed the film I made but not the stills from The Mayor's Thames Festival. I really enjoyed making these shots. I did not set out to cover this event but simply happened upon it and so got stuck in. I just happened to have all my gear with me.

I'll start off with my favorite photograph from the day's take, of people sitting on Boris' bikes.
© PAUL TREACY 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Then there's this wonderful dragon creation with impressive teeth;

Next we have these beautiful butterfly like creatures;

This shot is reasonably amusing and so I'll throw it in;

Here we have some zombies getting ready;

Sitting around waiting;

More preparations with the aid of a wing mirror;

And finally some dinosaurs;

And if you'd like to see it again, here's the film I made.

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Many thanks.

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