15 November 2010


I have a lot going on at the moment.

I've just started promoting my large format book;
the photohumourist: mixed messages
and will shortly re-issue my Flag and Woofers projects publishing as The Photohumourist. I'm currently developing a page at my website dedicated to this endeavour.

I'm also back shooting on the streets (of London). I've been away from that for too long. Street photography is my number one passion outside of my family.

I have a large body of work on New York City which I will start to manipulate into a cohesive project for publication and exhibition over the next year or so. I will, I expect, need access to an editor to help me forge this work into something special. If anyone has any ideas as to who could help me in such an endeavour, please let me know.

I'm also involved in a new co-operative of filmmakers which is beginning to take shape here in London which I'll address here again soon.

last week I attended the Blurb Books Pop Up which has really helped shake off the cobwebs of my publishing efforts. I learned a lot. More than I expected. I received some excellent tips on how to improve and promote my books and will seek out the major competitions and festivals throughout 2011 accordingly. All very exciting and energizing.

Now, let's have some pictures. These are not especially brilliant but I'm getting back into the swing of things, for sure. I'd forgotten how much I love photographing in London. It's a marvelous place.

All Images © Paul Treacy 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank.

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank.

Man carrying a car bumper somewhere in the East End.

A smoker in China Town.

Tourist photographers, Piccadilly Circus.

More Picadilly Circus photographers.

Best Comedy, Piccadilly Circus again.

Back soon with more from the streets.

PAULTREACY.com (now publishing as the photohumourist).

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