18 November 2010


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The 176 arrives at Tottenham Court Road on a rainy night.

I use the buses a lot getting around London. I live in Sydenham in the south east of the metropolis which is not as well served by London Underground as neighbourhoods north of the river although the overground train network is improving all the time.

But I love the buses anyway. And if I have time on my side I'll take a bus over a train. I'll save money and will likely get more pictures like these.

This might be turning into a project, I think. Certainly I find myself making more and more pictures on the buses now instead of reading which is what I used to do. Now I'm reading people and situations and looking to make photography.

I think you can expect to see lots more work from the buses on this blog.

A bus speeds past the glowing red cross of a church in Balham.

Tottenham Court Road.

A tiny passenger.

Friends readying for a night out.

Prints available at 6x9 and 8x12 for £15 and £25.

I'm excited to make more pictures on the buses tomorrow.

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Many thanks.
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