06 October 2010

Recent Street / Protest Photography

Yet again I've been away from this blog awhile. Sorry about that. Since the end of the summer holidays and my return to work I've been busy making connections and trying to get projects off the ground. It's quite a slog. Hopefully I will have much to report soon.

In the mean time, here are some recent photos from the Pope? Nope! protest here in London. I really enjoyed it. Being amongst like minded folk in such number was fun.

I shot stills and video and spliced it all together as a film for Demotix.

I'll show the film at the end of this post. In the mean time I'll post some photos that I like. I always approach these kinds of protest marches as a street photographer rather than a straight news operator. It requires a different mindset I think.

The news gatherer needs stand out shots that are basic, strong, confrontational and direct to illustrate a story. A street photographer, on the other hand, can linger a little and wait for photos to emerge. It's more a gathering process. A waiting game. For the news bod it's a hunt. A more frenzied affair looking for the telling shot, the bold aggression perhaps, or even setting something up with demonstrators and their banners.

Here goes;

And here's the film;

More soon. In the interim, please take a look at my new layout at PaulTreacy.com
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