09 September 2010

ARROW 360 - The Go-Cart Project

Over the summer my sons and I built this go-cart. Most of the materials used were found while walking home from school over a period of many weeks.

It was an opportunity for me to teach them about preparing materials, using tools, realizing a concept and a practical application of simple mathematics.

It was also a golden opportunity for us to make a cool little movie. Of course, we just had to reference the BBC title sequence for their Formula One Motor Racing coverage. And I hope Fleetwood Mac won't mind my including a segment of The Chain because nothing comes close for this subject matter.

Cameras: Olympus E-PL1 (with Nikkor prime lenses) and Nikon D200.

Software: Photoshop, Nikon View, GarageBand and iMovie 09.

Hardware: Apple MacBook.



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