15 August 2010

Resumption of Parkour Film Project

Okay, time to get moving on this again. My plans were put on hold 'till now having had to endure a series of medical investigations following an internal bleed. However, I've been given a clean bill of health, for now, and so I will now endeavour to get my various projects back on track quickly.

Today I will attend a mass gathering of parkour practitioners at London's SouthBank Center not necessarily to gather material for the film, rather I just want to get my eye in. Get back in the groove. That sort of thing. Perhaps meet up with some of my potential subjects.

It's also an opportunity to see the very best in action and to think more on some of the sequences I hope to construct in the film using stills and video.

If anyone has any thoughts of music that might be suitable as a backing track, please chime in. I have some ideas but would appreciate any suggestions.

Back soon.

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