20 April 2010

This weeks projects

Right now I'm uploading my Flag Etiquette project to PhotoShelter. This will take the rest of the day, no doubt. Then I'll have to caption and keyword the lot.

I'm also playing around with a soundtrack for this material to make a fresh, new multimedia piece. I made an attempt at this some years back and uploaded to Current TV but I was never quite satisfied with it. So I'm at it again. This time I have more experience and knowledge. That doesn't mean it'll be any better, mind you.

The book will also be published this week. I'm very pleased at how this has turned out and hope that it'll have some success.

A new and final edition of WOOFERS: Dogs and Their People will also be released. It'll have some new material as well made recently here in London.

So, lots going on and much work to do. The big project throughout 2010, of course, will be getting a handle on all my New York material for book and multimedia publication. I may have to hire an editor to help me. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

Before I finish up, I just want to say a huge thank you to Phil Coomes at the BBC for his write up on my street photography at his blog, BBC VIEWFINDER: THE PHOTOHUMOURIST.

Thanks. Back soon.

Stills: PaulTreacy.com
Video: Vimeo.com/channels/paultreacy
Email: photo@paultreacy.com
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