08 April 2010

Planning for weddings.

I have a big assignment coming up this summer photographing my wife's cousin's wedding. Her name's Kate Robinson. She's a brilliantly talented musician who played at our wedding. A classically trained violinist, she also plays fiddle in a Bluegrass band. Her fiance too is a fine musician. He's a jazz drummer. Apparently there'll be plenty of musical racket on the day and I'm tremendously looking forward to it.

So much so, in fact, that I'm preparing a new website to launch my London based wedding photography business.

I have photographed many weddings over the years, both here in the UK and Ireland but also in New York where I partnered with another photographer. We did some fine work.

Going forward, I plan to spend more time working on self generated assignments, documentary films and street photography most particularly. The wedding photography will become the backbone of my operations and it will allow me to better control my time during the week so that I can continue to fetch my sons from school most days.

I will also start to heavily promote my print sales business via PhotoShelter and to get my work into the gallery scene here in London.

I don't expect to secure any additional weddings in 2010 as most people will have already booked their photographers but will soon endeavour to promote my services for bookings in 2011.

I have already drafted my standard contract and worked out a preliminary price list.

When it comes to men and women loving each other and committing to a life together, I'm a romantic. It's the stuff of life. All traces of cynicism that sometimes informs my editorial work, evaporates.

More on this later. My two lads are calling for me to play.

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