15 March 2010

Screening tonight at HOST Gallery

I'm excited to report that my Flying Space Hoppers stop-motion film will be screened this evening, March 15th at HOST Gallery in London. Event runs from 7-8.30pm.

I got an email from Jon Levy saying he "wanted to include clever, fun and simple but good ideas such as your spacehopper piece." Needless to say I was delighted. It's a reminder of my ambition to crack the London gallery scene. Something I had put on hold for a time so that I could tend to others areas of importance, such as getting back to work after so much time as a stay-at-home-dad. My family needs the income and I NEED TO GET BACK TO WORK!

And so it begins. A small breakthrough but an important one for this photographer. And now FILMMAKER too!

Here's the flick again;
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