23 March 2010

New Prints Added

Here are some new prints now available for purchase. They're not cheap but that's because I personally supervise the production of every print and it can take some time to get it just right.

I will be making all of my best work available for purchase throughout this year and will begin a marketing campaign within the coming weeks.

These are not limited edition prints as I'm not so sure of the value of such editioning these days. The technology in use today means that photographs can continue to be available for purchase without any degradation in the original materials, as was once the case with lithographic production, hence limiting the numbers.

I hope to appeal to collectors who purchase prints for the love of the image rather than simply as an investment. I wonder if producing prints in limited edition form is simply an artificial gimmick these days.

Perhaps a time scale would make more sense when a photographer would produce prints for sale over a period of time rather than limiting the actual number of prints made available.

Anyway, please enjoy.

First up is this much admired image made on a cold, wintry night in Times Square some years back. This was used on Paul Simon's album, Surprise to illustrate his song, How Can You Live In The Northeast? Licensing is available from my agency, Millennium Images. The image number is Z338_001. This image also featured in CROSSWALK: Contemporary Street Photography at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in 2006.

This next image, titled by my uncle as "Limo To Lourdes", was made while I was studying at the International Center of Photography on the Photojournalism Program. My classmates and I were on our way to a cafe to eat after a lecture when I came upon this scene. In fact my classmate, Julien Jourdes and I saw this strange scene at the same time but I had a camera, as always and I don't think he did or he wasn't interested in making a shot. But after I'd spent a few minutes making some photos my friends had disappeared. This image also featured in the CROSSWALK exhibition and can now be purchased as a print. It too is represented by Millennium Images, number Z338_015.

I'll close out this post with a very different image. This is my son, Connor looking out over the Menai Strait in Anglesey, north Wales. This too is represented by Millennium Images for licensing. It's image number Z338_052.

All prints are produced at THEPRINTSPACE and are 16"x20" on Fuji Crystal Archive stock in either matt or gloss. This is one of my favorite photographic papers. It's durable and brilliant. I will sign prints is requested. I will only deliver prints that match my exacting standards.

Thank you for your time.
Paul Treacy

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