09 February 2010

Enhanced Homepage


I have just enhanced my homepage at PAULTREACY.com.

I'm trying to rev things up a little as I hurry my return to professional photography and filmmaking.

I decided that the website would be an altogether better experience if each feature had a title photo. Each title photo has funky text on it and all the images throughout the site are the same size. It's simpler that way. Thumbnails don't work for my photography I've discovered. The wit simply disappears when the images are too small so I've kept them uniform.

I will, later this evening, prepare some title photos for my short films and display the films on their own page.

I will also add some graphics I've developed for some swag which I will sell through CafePress to fundraise for my documentary projects. But that will take a few more days yet.

I would be pleased to hear any thoughts from any of this blog's readers on the new front page. Whether it's a good idea or not.

Thank you.

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