06 January 2010

Spiderman and blizzard

My son, Connor in the Spiderman costume he had just received, sitting beside his mum, Claire on Christmas Day, 2009. I love this picture. He's a very quirky little boy who loves all things Spiderman and hedgehogs. And Claire's smile is gorgeous. It was a wonderful day.

Nikon D200 as usual. For both shots. 24mm F2.8 AI prime lens. My favorite.

Sons Eoin and Connor heading up our street in Sydenham, south east London during a blizzard. I stopped making pictures after this shot as I thought I'd unlikely make a better shot that evening. I enjoy the tracks they're making.

I have so much material I need to post here at Photohumourist.com. My plans are coming along slowly but I'm utterly determined to step up my transitioning into documentary filmmaking. My parkour shoot for this coming Saturday may not happen now because of the snow and I will be out of town when next these traceurs assemble which is rather unfortunate. However, when next I get a chance to hook up with them I may have my hd camera gear ready to go. So that's exciting. Besides, the weather may well be quite a bit warmer too.

When next I post, I'll hopefully have some exciting developments to report. For now, however, I must keep hush.

Back soon.
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