31 January 2010

Portraits of Connor

Some portraits of my youngest son, Connor age 5.

Here he is sucking on a lollipop having just been to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox at Peckham Multiplex with his brother and me. Funny thing is, neither he nor Eoin like lollipops much and so these were quickly discarded. They did insist on my buying them, however. I had offered them juicy apples and other such goodies, which they'd have devoured, but they wanted the sickly sweet lollipops which I knew they wouldn't really like.

Here he is having had his face painted, at the London aquarium I think. We made this picture as he was about to have it removed in the bath and he wanted to record it.

And finally for this posting, is a photo of him getting a hug from his best friend at school, Daniel.

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