28 January 2010

Collaboration with Corel Corporation

Well, it had been in the making for many weeks and finally went live on Wednesday, 27th January 2010. Towards the end of last year I was contacted by a senior bod at Corel Corporation, fellow photographer and filmmaker, Tobie Openshaw. He was interested in the Flying Space Hoppers short film I made. He wanted to investigate the possibility of using the component images to design a tutorial on stop-motion animation for Corel customers. After conversing via Facebook and email we did a deal.

This is what they came up with at Corel;

Here is my updated original;

This is the full transcript of the tutorial they prepared. The link opens a new page.

I'd be interested to read your opinions of the project. Should you be interested in doing something similar, do read the tutorial and perhaps consider getting the software. I will install Windows on my Mac and give the software a try myself. You get enormous professional level capability for the price.

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Paul Treacy
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