08 January 2010

I have my big project for 2010.

I've struggled with my New York material for some time now, not knowing how best to present it to the world nor how to monetize it. Some of the images have done well through my agent, Millennium Images making their way onto book covers and album sleeves but as a cohesive body of work I've not quite figured it out. Until now.

This has been forming in my head for months. I knew my brain was up to something but it only became clear during the night, last night. I will produce a dvd called "New York Trilogy" which will be a film in three chapters featuring stills from three bodies of work.

NYC part 1 and part 2
NYC Flag and

I spent much of this morning adding to my already eclectic collection of audio soundscapes. I also have writings on this material as yet unpublished. It needs to be cleaned up and organized, however. But I will factor some of this material into the project somehow. Either as narration or as text amongst the images.

For much of this work I will seek professional assistance from editors. But that will be for later. First I need to gather all the raw material and begin to organize it. I will also need to get Final Cut as I don't think iMovie will be up to the task as I will need multiple timelines to temper the flow of images with the rhythm of the audio.

In my head this is a fully immersive project which ought to be experienced on a large high definition screen and with a powerful sound system to realize the sound of the streets coming to life.

I will work on this material late in the evenings over the coming months. My day to day tasks will be to get moving on my parkour documentary and some other local short form films I have in mind.

I continue to seek employment so that I can sustain myself as I work through this project. I need to establish a solid client base here. That is my most important objective now. To make some money. I will make an announcement in the coming days on an exciting collaborative project that has been developing since mid December and may well prove fruitful going forward. There is much to build on. Today I feel confident.

So, I now have a serious purpose for 2010. I know what needs to be done. Might my experience at ICP finally be showing through, in that I have, for the first time since graduating in 2000, a clear vision of what I MUST do with my work?

I will chart my progress here on this blog. Please stay tuned. Your encouragement would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you.
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