10 November 2009

Plans for the future

I just responded to a post at Joe McNally's blog and thought I should post it here.

As a 40 year old photographer, humourist and filmmaker trying to reinvent myself for a multimedia future and having been a stay-at-home-dad for the last several years, I'm in the midst of an identity adventure as I endeavour to return to professional activities.

It's a tough time right now. Having only recently returned to Europe after years Stateside I cannot seem to land a regular job to pave the way to returning to freelancing so I've decided to just DO IT. With old, decrepit gear and no finance I am utterly determined to figure out a way to get a new system and make exciting new work in stills and hd video. I have a deadline of mid December to have a new website in place in which I will showcase short form documentaries from life in south London. I hope eventually to harness this material into a living, breathing multimedia site where people will spend some time and contribute with new ideas for future projects and collaboration. I hope to gather some sponsorship along the way too and perhaps some commissions.

I want to stay here in south London as there are so many stories waiting to be told. There is no need for me to travel nor do I desire to at this stage. I simply want to make interesting photography and films and come home to my wife and kids every evening. I will find a way to make this happen and I will find a way to again make a living doing so on my terms.

Damn it, with the technology and delivery systems available to us these days, there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to do so.

Photography comes quite easy to me. I expect filmmaking will too but I have always been dreadful at the other aspects of professionalism. Business management is a big scary thing that haunts me and I have never been good at cold calling to try and excite support for ideas and projects or compete for assignments. My agency experiences have been dreadful and I take my share of responsibility for that. But I am trying to change this. I have just ordered John Harrington's new book in an effort to conquer my demons and learn how to manage and finance my talents properly as I cannot afford to have someone else do this for me. Nor can I afford to fail. Failure is no longer an option. I have two sons who are showing creative potential and I need to show them that a person can support themselves and a family doing what they love to do. This is my motivation now.

The simple fact is that I am not equipped to do anything else and so this must work. It will work.

Mid December begins my filmic future. I hope you'll join me from time to time.

I'll chart my progress right here.

Portfolio: paultreacy.com
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