30 November 2009

Current Film Project - PARKOUR

I am currently preparing to shoot a cinematic documentary on parkour. I hope to gather some in depth interviews from traceurs and traceues on the philosophy of parkour and to capture, in stills and video, the grace and elegance of parkour in its truest form.

There is a lot of material online showcasing parkour and its practitioners and much of it is very good indeed. However, most of it is filmmed by participants themselves and though it gets to the essence, it often lacks the visual flare and style that a filmmaker can bring.

Parkour is an extraordinary art form. It is pure poetry in motion. It showcases both the nimbleness of the human body and the complexity of our modern urban environments. I will endeavour to speak to this in my film. I will be shooting throughout 2010. If you are an accompished traceur or traceuse in London and would like to help me make this film, please do drop me a line at photo@paultreacy.com

For now I will be making this film entirely independently though possibilities of sponsorship will be explored as I progress. I will not have a crew. I will shoot the stills and video myself. Those of you who have met me will know that I work quickly, quietly and unobtrusively. I keep my gear on my person at all times and do not interfere in the enjoyment and practive of the art form.

I will endeavour to create an interesting acoustic soundscape for this project made up of captured ambient sound, voices of traceurs speaking of their motivations and tailor made music.

Thank you for your time.

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