12 October 2009


Here is some material from my weekend's photographic shenanigans involving some of London's young traceurs.

I was on my way to a symposium on the converging disciplines of television, video and broadband internet when I spotted these hugely energetic youngsters on the beach along the Southbank from the top deck of the 176 bus as it crossed Waterloo Bridge. I immediately hit the stop request button thinking "to hell with the symposium" and legged it back over the bridge so that I might add to my parkour archive.

I've been thinking about making a short documentary on parkour using stills and video together to try and capture the grace, thrill and excitement of the art form. But first I need to get some extra kit. In the mean time, I can gather in some good pictures.

Please enjoy.

ALL PHOTOS © PAUL TREACY 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Right now I'm going to try and put an interesting little flash movie together of this material. If it's any good, it'll be my next blog post.

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