21 October 2009

New Edition for Best Book Prize

Here's the new cover shot. The previous covers were not very good. I think this one is better. Hopefully it'll draw some attention.
ALL IMAGES © PAUL TREACY 2009. All Rights Reserved

There are several new images in this edition made over the last year here in the UK.
Such as this rather twee shot from a rural festival in Kent...

This shot was made in Sydenham where I live...

Then there's this shot made during the G20 demo in The City last April on "Financial Fools Day"...

Since the first WOOFERS book in 2006 I've learned a great deal about book design, reverting back to my notes from when I was in art school studying graphic design. I read up on typefaces and layout, keeping in mind the importance of leaving lots of clean, white space.

It's crucial not to overpower the photographs with gimmicky design and I also wanted all the images to be displayed at the same size. I could not discriminate against the vertical shots and so chose a square format. And I reduced the size from 10x8 down to 7x7 inches to keep the costs down and to make the book more attractive for all potential customers rather than just photography book buyers.

The book is £12.50 for the softcover and £23.50 for the image wrap hardcover.

Dogs & Their People
By Paul Treacy

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