29 September 2009

Opening sequence and plans for the future.

Here is the opening sequence for my recently overhauled website. I tried using a showreel but didn't like it much despite spending ages on it. I decided instead to just do a quick flash slide show.

I'm very pleased at how the new site looks and functions. I hope to make it more interactive soon adding buttons to either buy a print or license under the relevant images.

I now have 42 photos with my agent, Millennium Images with another large batch being keyworded as I type. My work with Rex is not really progressing very much at the moment as I've only just returned to work after some time at home with my kids. I do, however, have a couple of projects ready to upload to Rex but I'm going to wait until my WOOFERS work is processed first. If this proves laborious then I will seriously consider ditching Rex all together and endeavour to syndicate my work myself, probably through PhotoShelter.

The next few weeks will be difficult as I try to emerge into the industry again after so much time. The difference this time, however, is that I'm hoping to shoot high definition video as well as stills and make interesting short form documentaries. My plan is to find, research and shoot a series of intriguing south London stories. These will be self funded I expect and I will establish a blog to host them. I hope over time to secure a regular audience and perhaps to get some of them on more established sites such as BBC London and the like.

My goal for the next couple of years is to become one of the most sought after independent internet filmmakers in the country and this blog will be my practice ground while I experiment, learn and develop my skills. I hope I can count on your feedback.

Okay, time to put the kids to bed. I'll be back later.
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