04 April 2009


On "Financial Fools Day", 2009 I followed the demonstrators from London Bridge to the Bank of England as they protested the G20 summit.

I was wary of the media's hyping of the potential for violence and so I wanted to concentrate on the more festive aspects of the event and so steered clear of the inevitable trouble.

This kind of reporting is detrimental to the wider public, I feel, as it means that a lot of people who would otherwise wish to join the ranks, would instead avoid it. And that's a shame.

I used a Flip Mino camcorder mounted on a tiny fig rig and a Nikon D200.

If you enjoy this film, please tell your friends and colleagues. And tell me too as I'd like some feedback. Video is a new departure for me as a photojournalist.

Thank you.
Paul Treacy
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