10 March 2009


As Saint Patrick's Day approaches, I thought I'd post a series of witty images from my various assignments covering the Irish community in New York City between 1994 and 2008. I really must put these together in a book in time for next year's celebration of things Irish.

A portfolio from this project can be seen at my website.

Starting off is a shot of a car's bumper as seen in Woodlawn, an Irish enclave in the Bronx. This image was made for a commission for the Irish Echo newspaper in Manhattan for a series of articles looking at the changing face of Irish migration to New York in the new millennium. It made for a perfect title shot.
Next I'll post a series of images of children who are being brought up in a strange world traversing traditional Irish life and that of the modern day New York youngster.
This chap is listening to the famed Irish band, The Wolf Tones.

This fella is being subjected to a drawn out "dinner dance" in honour of the United Irish Counties Association.

This chap is visiting from Omagh in Northern Ireland where 29 people were killed in a bomb attack. He is partaking in a charity boxing event against a tough team from inner city Queens to raise money for victims of the bombing.

These kids are members of the Maure Connelly band from the West of Ireland and were flown to New York to entertain at the County Clare Association Annual Dinner Dance in Queens in 1998.

More to come as we approach March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Please visit again.
Thank you.
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