22 November 2008


Finally getting back into the groove. Settling down to life in London after some years in New York where I was mostly a stay-at-home-dad and struggling enormously to live the "photographic life".

I'm now back on course to living the ideal photographic life. I'm in an exciting city with my family and I have plenty of time to myself to structure my return to the professional aspect of the photographic life.

With the collapse of the PhotoShelter Collection project I have decided to upload as much of my archive as possible to Alamy. At least then my work has a chance of trickling back into circulation. Once I have enough of this material available to the marketplace I will start working on my shooting projects but I'll talk about these more later.

For now, here's a shot of my eldest, Eoin just days after our return to London. We were staying at my in-laws house in Warwick and it was a really warm day in August. Perhaps the only warm dry day in August as the weather, for the most part, was dreadful. I really did miss the New York heat except on this day. Eoin is making a group portrait of me, Claire and his brother, Connor and our relatives in from Prague. Good times.


Back real soon with loads more.
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