15 May 2008


Here's a strange little toy that drifted across the swimming pool in which my two sons were training.

The kids play with these while they await their turn with the tutors. Some escape.
I love this shot. It makes me chuckle. You?

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I've been quiet here for quite a while but things are happening. I'm about to roll out a new website. It'll be more interactive and substantially stripped down. In fact, it'll be skinned to the bone in comparison to my previous endeavors. It'll be all about the pictures. Pure and simple. I will be selling prints, open edition and eventually some large limited edition. But I will also be offering personal use downloads where customers can pay a fee to download an image for printing at their favorite lab. I'm still working out the pricing for this but it will roll out at some point in June.

I also have quite a bit of new material to prep., some of which I'll feature here, so please stay tuned.

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