20 February 2008


I'm about to re-fashion my WOOFERS book. The current version has not sold as well as I had hoped it would. Mind you, I've not promoted it as aggressively as perhaps I should have. But it was just an experiment at the time to see what was achievable in terms of quality.

I'm thinking at the moment of making a large 8.5 x 10.75 inch hardcover book with a dust jacket. It'll cost somewhere near the $40 mark, looks like. A soft cover version will cost a little less but it'll be less durable.

I'm hoping this will be a true coffee table keeper.

I'm also going to prepare my Flag Etiquette material for the European Publishers Award 2008 but I'm having a little difficulty editing it. I need to get my wife involved. She's a brutally honest editor of my pictures and quickly cuts the crap that I may have become blind to. She's a psychiatrist and so cuts to the chase rather effectively.

More on these endeavors real soon.

Over and out for now.
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