30 January 2008

New Promo Card

Here's my latest promo card. Thought I'd post it. It's email only. I want to cut down on my paper usage in my efforts to get "greener".

My concern, however, is whether or not editors and art / creative directors actually look at promo emails. I used to use html code in my emails so that they would be cleanly designed and clickable but many just get trashed automatically before ever reaching the targeted eyes. I also know that emails with attachments are often trashed as well.

So, I've stopped using Thunderbird for html and switched to Mac Mail so that I can simply drag the image into the body of the email and include a link underneath. It seems to work and would probably work well for editors and creative directors that work on Mac platforms. But what about Windows users? Would the emails be screened as having attachments?

What are some of your tactics? I'd be interested to know.
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