02 December 2007

Some oldies from my time in the UK

Here are some old shots from my time in London. I happened upon them the other day as I was rummaging through some old cd's while preparing my portfolio.

Central London near Soho.

If any of these have appeared here previously, then I apologize for the repetition.

Glastonbury music festival 1997.

I shot that cross picture with an old Olympus rangefinder. A fabulous little camera with a 35mm 1.7 lens with seven elements. A true beauty. 'Twas my wife's camera. Still has it. If only there was a digital version. My wife was one of the site psychiatrists trying to deal with all the paranoid twits that took too many drugs and started to think that all the lyrics blaring through the speakers were aimed directly at them. Well weird. That year there was a batch of really bad acid cookies doing the rounds making people crazy.

Near the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) in London where I was working at the time running a picture desk for a court reporting agency.

I made this shot cause I was intrigued by what Homer was doing then I noticed the sleepy security guard. Not a great picture but where else can I show it?

Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank in London.

I think I was there to see the World Press Photo exhibit in 1998. These folks were listening to a good jazz band and so I lingered a little and made this shot. I love it. For years I paid it no heed but now it's to be in my portfolio alongside the Beauty.com picture. It fits now with the rest of my work.

Isn't it interesting how we sometimes make pictures that only serve their purpose years later? Or it is on stumbling on an old forgotten about image that we finally realize it's place in a larger body of work.

Next up will be my balloon series. I made some images last night that rounds out my balloon shooting nicely.

'Till later then.

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