12 October 2007

Red and green

I wish I'd shot this on a D200 raw. Instead it was Velvia through a Hexar. The slide is gorgeous but I just could not scan it very well.

Finally returning to normal after a hectic few weeks of computer chaos. Still on the same old machine but that may change if I keep busy. I really need two computers and a substantial array of backup systems.

Anyway, here is a shot from the past that I just came across that you might enjoy. It's a terrible scan and really needs drum scan treatment to be properly actualized. What caught my attention, obviously, was the red and green of the flowers and of the guy's attire.

More soonish. Two books to dummy up. A week on location coming up and then it's contest season. Busy busy.

Say hello sometime. New website will launch in a few days, finally. I want it to launch along with the Photoshelter Collection. I'm thrilled about this latest development in the photo business. I'll have lots of my work there for licensing.
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