15 October 2007

Photohumorist.com is now complete

It's done. Finally! I managed to get past my computer mishap and finished the website. I decided on a simple folio site. A single gallery. Thumbnails and click through. Tough to edit and much good stuff discarded but I need impact. Much more material can be found by exploring my expanding archive.

The multimedia link is not live yet as I have to do a lot of work here. Also, the Photoshelter Collection link is not yet complete as the Collection goes live on November 5th. I'm very excited about this amazing facility. From here I will license my work globally along with many others around the world. This harnesses new technology and empowers photographers enormously. We'll see how things pan out but the idea itself has already shaken up the industry some.

Many of you are familiar with these images here but I'd appreciate feedback on design, functionality etc..

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