03 September 2007

Pauly's BACK on the street beat!!!

I'm back. Hit the streets today for several miles and made this shot. Will post more tomorrow.

Feels good to be back in the groove and seeing pictures again, (on the streets that is).

I was rushing home at this point when I saw the smashed up toy car. It was one of those big fast remote control things. It was about 3 blocks from my apartment. As I had been out for many hours, I was keen to get home to help Claire put the kids to bed but I just had to hang around a few minutes to figure out how I might make a picture.

I returned later to improve on this and fetch the Sunday NY Times but the smashed car was gone. Just goes to show you that you've really only got one bite of the cherry. This one above will have to do. I like it a lot.

Click it to make it big.
D200 Nikon and 24mm 2.8 AI lens.

Comment on the picture if you like. Either way.

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