29 August 2007

Reposting of difficult image

Click the image to see it much bigger.
I'm reposting this shot after finally getting a decent file of it. Fortunately I shot it raw on my D100 a couple of years ago but never managed to get the detail from it that I needed. But tonight, while continuing work on my upcoming new website, I decided to simply underexpose it two stops and sure enough it worked perfectly. Because it was a raw file I managed to pull up the shadows nicely. I only hope it's a good picture cause I think it is. Do you?

This image features in a multimedia piece I did for Current TV.

I've figured out a way to protect my images while on display at my new website. It will prevent viewers from potentially clicking and dragging my images to their desktop. I'll explain the technique in detail later this week and also on lightstalkers. This may be common knowledge, of course, but it came as a revelation to me. I know that many photographers have Flash based sites but also that Flash prevents search engines for indexing them sufficiently and that HTML sites are better in this regard. But it's also rather easy to steal from HTML sites and incorporating a © stamp can interfere with the content of the photograph. My simple technique allows me to show my images much larger now and more securely. I can finally show them as I'd like them to be seen.

More later. Thanks for visiting.

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