06 August 2007


So, my re-design of Photohumorist.com is now done, at long last. I've been a little scarce around here as a result. Sorry about that.

The site remains to be fleshed out but the overall layout is settled. I hope to have everything finished soon as I'm preparing to return to work, all guns blazing, in September. Please let me know what you think of it and should you happen on some errors, I'd be glad to know.

Once I'm back in the fray I'll be posting regularly, I'm sure. At the moment I'm not really shooting enough to generate anything remotely funny.

I'll be back soon. Please stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

Note 29 August 2007, Photohumorist.com is not yet ready. A simple folio is viewable but the website project is still being worked on.

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