08 May 2007


Hello folks.

Photohumorist.com has just gone live but is still under development. For now it points to my profressional assignment portfolio. However, today and tomorrow I will be working hard on developing galleries for the site. I hope also to link the images directly to my Photoshleter archive site so that those interested can purchase open edition prints or license their usage and this will invlove a certain amount of trial and error.

I will also be selling posters of some of the images to make them a little more affordable. Some will also be prepped as greeting cards and the like though I will not be putting photos on t-shirts or mugs with the sole exception of a particular anti-Bush image from a protest in NYC that was popular in the past.

So please come and take a look over the coming days as the project progresses and should you like a particular image enough then you might make a purchase and test my e-commerce facilities.

I thank you for making the time to visit and I hope you'll be back. Don't hesitate to leave a comment should there be an error somewhere or if you have any ideas from which I might benefit. And if you are a shooter I don't yet know, please let me know so that I can see your work. I'm interested in dialogue.

Paul Treacy
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