01 May 2007

More New Yorkers

Central Park back in the mid nineties. I was testing a lens I'd just purchased. I was watching this guy for a while and dropped to make a shot as a cyclist passed by real slow. Bingo, everything came together nicely. Just one frame.

I made this shot as folks were dismantling the 2006 9/11 memorial of 3000 flags in Inwood Hill Park in Northern Manhattan. The whole project made me feel rather uneasy I must say. But I'll not get into that right now. This image features in my "Flag Etiquette" multimedia project linked from one of the right hand columns.

This shot always makes me laugh. I shot it back in 99, or there abouts, near Times Square. People always say how the bloke looks like he's wearing those plastic nose and glasses party things.

I'll post new stuff soon enough. I just want to work my way through some of the golden oldies first.

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