24 May 2007

Child's Play

This is an extract from a comment I made at David Alan Harvey's blog. I copied it here only because I was considering writing on the subject of my Child's Play work anyway.

"I'm onside. Spending time with you here has awakened in me an irrepressible desire to create. My motivations now are focused towards children. Those most precious of creatures.

I've been endeavoring to make photographs of my own youngsters as a way to see into their world as best I can. To capture their pure delight at life's simple pleasures. To witness their enormous and exquisite imaginings. And in this effort I have come to know myself so much better. The good and the bad but most especially the good.

I want my boys to be free thinkers. To be able to catch those fleeting thoughts and ideas and spend time with them. To mould them. To live them. As I do. As I try to remember to do.

Some of their thoughts and ideas can be quite frightening. But that's fine. They may only be frightening to us "mature" grown-ups.

Suffice to say, I hope one day to make a book of my work on this. I have made a fine start, me thinks, but there is so much more to do.

My concern here is that many of us parents just don't get it with kids. They have so much to teach us. All we need to do is partake. To wallow in the mud with them. To smell, to taste, to feel and to see with them. To listen to their quite astonishing questions. But not to intrude. Just visit. Spend time. This is their domain afterall.

This is what I'm trying to do with my photographs.

Thank you David for your brilliance and your dedication to our craft and it's practitioners. Thank you for helping me to fuel my effort."

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