25 April 2007

More limbs

Since the last shot was about limbs, sort of, I thought I'd post another that I always enjoy looking at. This shot was made in Union Square, Manhattan. She whizzed past me while I was looking at something else and hoping it might lead to a shot. I can't quite remember what it was now but as soon as she past me I registered that something was a little unusual. I guess subconsciously we are always computing what's around us in our peripheral vision.

Mind you, I have quite deliberately trained my peripheral vision over the years and continue to do so. I'm almost always aware of everyting that is going on beyond what I'm actually looking at. I guess it's like speed reading when speed readers read not the letters and words but entire sentences and even paragraphs and therefore gobbling up pages at a rapid rate.

Mind you, I can't speed read text but I can speed read a scene. Having ridden motorcycles in London, when I was a shooter for the Press Association back in the 90's, certainly helped. It's amazing what skills you can pick up when self preservation is at stake.

I talk too much. Here's the picture:
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