19 April 2007


As a photographer I am three things: photojournalist, street photographer and humorist. Photojournalist is my professional designation; when I'm being paid to make photographs. Street photographer is my amateur designation; when I make photographs entirely for my own amusement. Humorist is the constant throughout.

This blog will primarily show my humorous photographs. Some will delight, some will annoy and some will inevitably cause offense, though none is ever intended.

They are copyright protected and available for sale for private use and for licensing.

I'll start with an old image from the New York Primary in 2004.

This is a late edit because I wanted to add some more RED pictures such as:

and this one from the same event:

There's also this shot of President Nelson Mandela inspecting a guard of honor at Buckingham Palace while on his first official vist to the UK as President of South Africa:

I also love this shot of Masai warriors and a itchy dog in Kenya:

Some more red here in Central Park:

This one is the best of them all I think. It's my son Connor's arm.

I'll wrap up this edited post with a shot from Times Square on the night of the 2004 Presidential Election. A reflection of a red hand pedestrian stop signal in the window of CNN's HQ as it reports on the latest figures:

Please come back. AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS!