23 April 2007


I made this shot near Times Square in Manhattan on a Konica Hexar rangefinder camer. I only noticed the elderly woman as the bus pulled away from the lights and so I had to run along side to try and get some shots and the light was failing fast forcing me to use a slow shutter speed which is not easy to control while running. I managed to get off three frames before almost running into a car.

As I barely managed to get my eye to the viewfinder I had no idea what I captured and so I paced frantically while my lab processed the film. I even asked them to push it a full stop because I was sure I'd need a little help to get through the darkened glass.

It turns out that one frame was usable. The other two were blurred. Unfortunately, the resulting negative was not of the best quality and here I learned a valuable lesson: never skimp on film freshness or quality regardless of whether or not you are an impoverished student. This, of course, no longer applies to me as I don't think I'll ever use film again.

A standard 35mm scanner produced acceptable results from the neg but for an exhibition last year for which this shot was chosen, amongst others, I had to drum scan it and then the flaws became apparent resulting is many many hours of digital restoration on my part.
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